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My Favorite games of all time rated.
Games 50-41
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My top 50 games of all time.


Welcome to my site. I have always enjoyed reading people's opinions on their favorite games. Its always been entertaining anytime I'm bored.
I know some people take video games too seriously so please remember that these are my opinions and not yours, Im not a writer so I will probably have a lot of spelling errors (That and I dont  feel like spell checking, this is just a quick project.)
If you see something you dont agree with dont freak out. You are welcome to make a page of your own and have your own opinions. 
Feel free too email me though. No psychos who take games too seriously though o.k?

How I rate games.
This is a modified version of the old Game Players Magazines rating system. I like it and it really works well.
I try my best to think back to when the game came out. DOOM may not be that nice anymore but when it came out it was nice so I will rate it as if it were 1993 again.
Graphics  -Importance-5-How nice is the game?
Sound      -Importance-3-How is the music and sound effects?
Originality-Importance-1-Is the game original or have original concepts?
Gameplay-Importance-6-Can I control it well enough, does the universe work well?
Funfactor-Importance-10-Am I having fun?
Replay    -Importance-3  -Will I play this game again?
Bascially Importance is multiplied by the score I give to that catergory.
So all the scores plus importance will be multiplied by 28 since that is the importance score.
Heres an example a game gets a
Graphics 1 X 5 importance =5
Sound     1 X  3=3
Originality 1 X 1=1
Gameplay 1X 6=6
Funafactor 1X 10= 10
Replay 1 X3 =3
28/28= 1
That game would be rated a 1.
The tie breaker for tied games is I look at which one was more fun and which one I played more.

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