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My Favorite games of all time rated.
The middle systems


Games 50-41
My Top 10
Systems Rated, The bottom.
The middle systems
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
Awards, The Negative awards
Positive Awards

The in-betweeners


8th Place- Playstation 2, Could be the best RPG system of all time.
Like the Psone the best games on this system are RPG's. Its a good system with a ton of games but most of them are on the XBOX and better
The Good
A ton of games so there will be a lot too choose from. Seems to have the best RPG's around.
The Bad
Most of its non-RPG's are done better on XBOX.
7th Place-Nintendo Entertainment System (NES),A good first system.
This is my first console. I didn't know what video games were until my parents felt nice one day and brought one of these home to surprise me. Thanks mom and dad.
I think this is Nintendo's best console and it killed off a lot of boredom.
Problem is I forgot about it when I saw a Genesis and in the back of my mind thats what I really wanted. When I finally got one the Nintendo wasen't touched ever again and I just gave it to my cousins.
I did rebuy one of course because this system does have Contra and Super Contra. The 2 best games of the series. I also cant forget that I played Double Dragon 2 and Life Force for many hours.
The Good
Contra,Super Contra,Mega Man 2, Life Force and Double Dragon 2
The Bad
Even at the age of 6 I thought most of the games looked like crap. Lots of nice covers but the games didn't match the cool covers. I really wanted a Genesis more then anything. The controller was made for infants.
6th Place-Sony Playstation, A great way to play PC games for non-PC gamers.
This is an excellent system for Square Soft fans.
Problem is I dont like RPG's.
That being said this system did give me Quake 2,Twisted Metal 2, Resident Evil,NBA Live 97 and Clock Tower.
Even though the PC had it, I wasen't a PC gamer and Im still not. This system did give me a chance to enjoy Quake 2 and Twisted Metal 2.
The Good
Did give me some fun 3D games, Thats saying a lot because I dont like 3D from this era.
The Bad
This systems high points are its RPG's, I dont like RPG's. This system also did a lot of 3D,I think the 3D from this era was crap.
Rating 7.7/10
5th Place-Sega Genesis,The best system for new collectors.
Heres another child hood memory.
When I was a kid I saw a Sega Genesis on display at sears with Alteared Beast. I never seen anything like this on my NES and the Genesis made me forget about my NES.
Unfortunatly my mom didnt get me one until I was 12, so I had to wait about 6 years to get one. Wait aside thanks for the Genesis mom.
10 years later I personally think that this is the #1 system to collect for. All the great games like Strider and Streets of Rage 2 are $5.00 or less.
I personally prefer the Graphics on the Genesis over the 3D graphics of the PSone,Saturn and N64..
They actually looked like what they were suppose to be. Early 3d games looked like crap too me, I hated how grey blocky blobs were suppose to be rocks.
This system only has 1 game rated a 9 or higher but there are so many games that I gave an 8 rating too. Lots of stuff to play on this system and its cheap.
The Good
Streets of Rage 2 and a lot of cheap,very good games out there.
The Bad
Crappy sound and a lot of games had bad use of color.
4th Place-Sega Dreamcast, Probably my choice for 4 player games.
If Sega didn't cut support on this one so soon Im pretty sure this would of been my favorite system of all time.
It had 2D games,It's the first system that did nice 3D and It went online.
This system does have Shenmue,Marvel VS Capcom 2,Worms World Party and Quake 3.
No reason Sega should lower their heads on this system.
The Good
Home onf my second favorite game of all time, Shenmue. It had lots of 2D games and it had some great 4 player games.
The Bad
Died way too soon, The U.S didnt get to see Ikaruga or Shenmue 2(Yes I do like the English acting more then the Japanese acting)


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