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My Favorite games of all time rated.
3rd Place


Games 50-41
My Top 10
Systems Rated, The bottom.
The middle systems
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
Awards, The Negative awards
Positive Awards

Neo Geo CD


Worth the money after all these years
Let it be known that this system could of been ranked a lot higher.
The main problem is most of its games are fighters.
With that being said this is the System that I always wanted as a kid. I first saw it at Kaybee toy store (The AES version) and I thought it kicked more ass then the Genesis and I think the Genesis rules. I always felt you had to be a millionare to own one, the system was $700 and the games were $200 each.
I finally got one of these systems last month, I stuck with the CD version because I was more interested in the older fighers and older games.(Neo Geo CD supposedly loads the newer ones past 1994 too slow) and It was a bit cheaper.
This system has been worth the 14 year wait. I always loved SNK's arrt style.
Games like Baseball Allstars 2 and League Bowling are just bold and fun to look at. It is an Arcade in your home after all.
The good
Real Arcade games in your home, Probably has the highest percentage of good games then any other system.
The Bad
It seems like 70% of the games are fighters, At least it has 2 of my favorites.

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