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My Favorite games of all time rated.
1st Place


Games 50-41
My Top 10
Systems Rated, The bottom.
The middle systems
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
Awards, The Negative awards
Positive Awards

Sega Saturn


My favorite system of all time.
This one was easy. Sega Saturn is my favorite system because it has so many great 2D games. I like 2D a lot more then 2D and thats why I like the Saturn so much. It also had 4 games in My top 10.
Rating 9.5/10
The Good
A lot of great fighting games if you are into that genre. 20+ 2D shooters available.Nights into Dreams is my favorite 3D game of the Saturn/PSone/N64 Era.
The Bad
A lot of great games are import only so you have to do a good amount of research to get the most out of this system. Its dead so no new games will ever come out.

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