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My Favorite games of all time rated.
My Top 10


Games 50-41
My Top 10
Systems Rated, The bottom.
The middle systems
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
Awards, The Negative awards
Positive Awards

The best games are here.

10.Nights into Dreams (Sega Saturn)
Graphics-9.2-I didnt really like the 3D from the PSone/SAturn Era, this along with R.E is the nicest 3D of its time)
Sound-9.6-Some of the best music ever.
Originality-9.9-There isn't another platformer like it.
Gameplay-9.5-Great stuff,just a little frustrating at times.
Funfactor-9.3-Addicting, you will go for the high grade.
Replay Value-8-Very Short but you will play this constantly until you get tired
of it
Reason's for greatness- Displays Sega's creativity and style better then any game. Just flat out fun.
How it could of ranked higher- Once you master this game you can beat it in 1 sitting. 4 more levels would of pushed it up higher.
9.Shenmue 2(XBOX)
Graphics-9-A little outdted but I still like them
Sound-9.5-Lots of voices, lots of great music.
Originality-9.7-Still very original.
Gameplay-9.4-Same as before
Funfactor-9.8-Once you get into it you wont put it down.
Replay Value-7-Still awesome but the original is better. I just like Ryo's
original town.
Reason's for greatness-Starts where Shenmue left off. Its unchanged and thats a good thing. Ryo could use a change of cloths though.
How it could of ranked higher-Finish the story. We might not even see an ending. 
Rating 9.24
8.Samurai Showdown 2 (neo geo cd)
Graphics-9.6-One of the nicest 2D fighters ever.
Sound-8.3-Better then the first.
Originality-9.9-Like the first only better.
Gameplay-9.4-A lot more moves but Tam Tam is gone.
Funfactor-9.3-better then the first but Tam Tam is gone.
Replay Value-9.2-Awesome game and an Awesome second effort.
Reason's for greatness- In a class of its own as far as styles concerned. A great and perfectly balanced game.
How it could of ranked higher- This game is a little bit to demanding and you have to be really precise to pull off special moves. Super Moves are really hard to pull off. MK2 and Street Fighters specual moves are a lot easier to pull off.
7.Marvel VS Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)
Graphics-9.4-The nicest 2D fighter that I have ever played
Sound-7-Lots of cool and goofy voices, horrible music
Originality-8.5- The best over the top fighter around.
Gameplay-9.2-Not the button masher that people think it is. I know what I'm doing.
Funfactor-9.9- Probably the most enjoyable fighter around.
Replay Value-9.7- Only 1 of my friends can compete with me so I dont get to play this as much as I want too.
Reason's for greatness- 56 chracters, lots of great characters too. Insane and entertaining triple super moves.
How it could of ranked higher- This is one of those games that you just want more. Where's Sagat,Fei Long,DeeJay,GhostRider,Punisher,Apocolypse and Pyro?
6.Dracula X (Sega Saturn)
Graphics-9.4-One of the nicest 2D games ever
Sound-9.5-Lots of great music, good sound effects.
Originality-8-Great way to make a Castlevania game. Copied Metoid.
Gameplay-9.5-Great Controls but some moves with Maria are too hard to pull off.
Funfactor-9.1-Too frustrating at times. Kind of unbalanced with Maria and Ricter.
Replay Value-9.7-You will play this a lot.
Reason's for greatness- The most replayable 2D side scroller ever, 3 playable and very different characters.
How it could of ranked higher-Alucard is the only character that gets the full game,sometimes its to much of a scavanger hunt when you need a certain power  up.
Rating 9.31
5.The Need For Speed (3DO)
Graphics-9.1-I dont like the 3D from this Era but Need for Speed was awesome.
Sound-9-I dont have a Ferrari but every car supposedly had their true sounds. All were different in the game.
Originality-10-a Fun sim with real cars.
Gameplay-9.5-Great, just kind of a slow framerate.
Fun Factor-9.3-Very enjoyabel, too much loading though.
Replay Value-9.5-You will be hooked for months.
Reasons for greatness- It used real cars and I have always been a stat freak, this game had all the stats and was very accurate. Awesome racing game.
How it could of ranked higher-Faster load times and 2 player's could of made this the greatest game of all time. Me and a friend was very addicted to this game but we had to take turns.
Rating 9.32
4.Mortal Kombat 2 (Sega Saturn)
Graphics-9.7- Was nice back then, still nice now.
Sound-8-The Saturn version is missing alot of sound samples but its still very good.
Originality-9-Didnt rip off Street Fighter and MK2 had a lot of good ideas.
Gameplay-9.3- Every thing works the way they are suppose too. Just not as deep as SF2.
Funfactor-9.6- Fungame especially when you have someone that has equal skills to you. Lots too see.
Replay-9.6-Great Game but SSF2T is has more variety and depth.
MK one was a good game but this game destroys it. Every thing about this game is a lot better then the first. It has 4 times as many things too do.Not too deep but still requires tons of skill.
Reason's for greatness-The original was raw, this one is 4 times bigger and its just a flatout awesome game.
How it coud of ranked higher-More depth. If it had the combo system from MK3 (I thought it was good) then this could of been better then Street Fighter.
Rating 9.36
3.Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Sega Saturn)
Graphics-9-I always liked Street Fighter 2's style. Super moves made this game more entertaining to watch.
Sound-8.5-The sound effects on the Saturn are a little weak. I liked SF2's sound effects and voices more. I do like most of the Music in this game.
Originality-9-Its still one of the older fighting games. Still milked SF2 though.
Gameplay-9.7- Great balance except some super moves are harder to pull off then others. Still the best controlling 2D fighter around.
Funfactor-9.8- This game rocks but there is too much competition, too many choices.
Replay Value-9.8- This game lasts forever.
Reason's for greatness-Probably the most memorable characters in fighting game history and still the best fighting game engine of all time
How it could of ranked higher-Capcom should of skipped Super Street Fighter 2 and go straight to Super Turbo. To much milking here and SSF2Turbo didn't feel as fresh as it should of been since I did play the Non-turbo version a lot. If they went straight to Turbo then this would of been #2.
2.Shenmue (Dreamcast)
Graphics-9.6- It was the nicest game at the time and still looks nice.( I wont give a 10 to any game in graphics until graphics look 100% real and not FMV) Sound-9.5- This game has some really nice songs and I enjoyed the acting since everyone spoke.. I like the english voices for Ryo becuase he sounds stuck up in the Japanese version.
Originality-10-This is a love it or hate it game and I love this game. I think it succeded in what it was suppose to be.
Gameplay-9.4-A lot of loading and weird controls at first. You eventually get used to it.
Funfactor-10-Once you get into this game you wont play anything else.
Replay Value-7.5-You will probably only pass it twice but like I said once you get into this game you will be anxious to play it again.
Reason's for greatness-Its a love it or hate it game and I personally think the developers succeded in creating their vision. There isn't anything like this game out there.
How it could of ranked higher-Add 10 more hours to the story and have faster load times and it possibly could of been #1.
Rating 9.48
1.Halo (XBOX)
Graphics-9.5/10-Very nice, it would be better if It had more outdoor levels and more enemy types.
Sound-10-The Grunts are funny, the acting is great and the sound track rules.
Originality-9.7-Its not really original but very well done. everything about this game is great. Best use of Multiplayer out of any ame.
Gameplay-9.7-Perfect control but the game is so good that you wish it had certain things like Banshees in multiplayer.
Funfactor-10- Halo is always the game of choice when my friends come over with XBOX's. I beat Single player many times.
Replay Value-10-Still play it 2 years later.
Reason's for Greatness-16 player system link play. One of the top 3 soundtracks in gaming, likable characters,Excellent balance,great story,Co-op story. Best game ever.
How it could of secured #1 forever-Banshee's in multiplayer, more then 4 XBOX's with system link play, more maps, less backtracing in story mode, more enemy types, more then 2 players on co-op mode. Key word is "more"


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