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My Favorite games of all time rated.


Games 50-41
My Top 10
Systems Rated, The bottom.
The middle systems
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
Awards, The Negative awards
Positive Awards

These are the most evenly matched games in the list.


20.Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast)
Graphics-9.2-Still nice to this day.
Sound-7-I'm tired of Offspring,Great comments though.
Originality-10-Only Cab Sim around.
Gameplay-8.9-Sometimes you get stuck on corners and cant get out.We need all the seconds that we can get too.
Fun Factor-9.3-Can get frustrating at times.
Replay Value-9.8-But you will keep playing anyway.
Reason's for greatness-See Worms and Bomberman. Once again Sega makes a game that grades you and thats always a forumala for addiction.
How it could of ranked higher-This is top 10 material if it had a 2 player mode and you can compete at the same time.
19.Contra (NES)
Graphics-9-Very creative
Sound-10-Memorable stuff.
Originality-10-Contra is side scrolling shooters.
Gameplay-9-you jump too low.
Fun Factor-9-Always has been a fun game
Replay Value-8-Timeless
Reasons for greatness- The most insane game of its time. Still one of the most creative games ever.
How it could of ranked higher- Maybe less platforming and a some cooler bosses. The huge space man was stupid.
Rating 9.04
18.Streets of Rage 2 (Sega Genesis)
Graphics-9-One of the nicest Genesis games.
Sound-9.6-Great music and sound effects. Bad voices.
Originality-6-There are a million of these games but this one is the best.
Gameplay-9.5-We need some kind of block move.
Funfactor-9.1-Always fun to play with a loved one.
Replay value-8.4-A once a month type deal. Probably the best once a month type game.
Reasons for greatness- Just the best 2D beat em up ever. this game has very few weaknesses.
How it could of ranked higher- An extra on screen person to beat up and it would be cool if they game you guns in this game.
17.Quake 3 (Dreamcast)
Graphics-9.5-The nicest FPS for tis time, not too shabby now.
Sound-9-Great Music and Seound effects
Originality-6-Just a multiplayer game
Gameplay-9-Your choice on the configuration. Still not fast and accurate enough to look up and down.
Funfactor-9-Not enough maps and only 4 at a time but still great fun.
Replay Value-9.5- I got my moneys worth out of this game.
Reasons for greatness- The first console FPS that doesnt look like crap with 4 players. Just a fast pace game with cool weapons and characters to choose from. Played this game for 8 months straight,8 times a month 5 hours a with most of my friends. Good times.
How it could of ranked higher- A 1 player mode with story and all the maps available when you play with 4.
16.NBA 2K1 (Sega Dreamcast)
Graphics-9.2-It didnt look real but I couldn't be happier. The players actually looked like themselves.
Sound-9-Very T.V. Like.
Originality-3- At least it went online.
Gameplay-9.3-Free throw mechanics were too easy.Overall its a complete game.
Fun Factor-9.4-I'm a huge Basketball fan and this is the first Basketball game that I didnt have much to complain about.
Replay Value-9.3-The Baskeball Season has 82 game plus the playoffs. Lots to do.
Reasons for greatness- This is almost like playing a televised game.The players actually look like themselves too, Brian Grant even has his Bob Marely Tattoo. This is the Basketball game I always hoped for.
How it could of ranked higher- As silly as this sounds just more gimmicks, a mascot running around, more variety in player introductions and maybe a guy selling popcorn. That would of brought this game up a spot or 2.
15.Metal Slug 2 (Neo Geo CD)
Graphics-9.7- I think this is the nicest 2D game ever.
Sound-8.7-Some good music and sound just not the best.
Originality-9-Not at all original but the style is just cool.
Gameplay-9.5-Some slowdown but everything works as it should.
Funfactor-9.2-This game is a blast and probably the best of its kind.
Replay Value-7-Really short but you will play this a lot and often.
Reasons for greatness-The nicest 2D game I have ever seen, so much style. Cool vehicles  and awesome weapons too.
How it could of ranked higher- A level or 2 longer and give us the good weapons more often. Maybe Metal Slug 3 will shot up this list as soon as I get a hold of it?
14.King Of Fighters 94 (Neo Geo cd)
Graphics-9.5- One of the nicest fighting games for its time
Sound-7-Cool sound effects, A few cool songs.
Originality-10-3 on 3 fighting and I think this is where Super Moves came from.
Gameplay-9.3-Great but not as smooth as SSF2T.
Funfactor-9.2-One of the most enjoyable fighters ever.
Replay Value-9.5-A very good fighter with lots of choices.
Reasons for greatness- Just a notch under SF2,MK2 and SS 2. No shame in that. This is still a great fighter with a ton of cool moves.
How it could of ranked higher- Part of the charm that SF,MK and SS have are its levels and music. This game has pretty lame music and onl 2 nice looking levels.
13.Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast)
Graphics-9.4-Some of the nicest for its time, was even a nice looking XBOX game.
Sound-9-Great memorable music.
Originality-10-A pioneer in more ways then 1.
Gameplay-8-It works but its really limited and bland
Fun Factor-9.3-If you have friends to play it you will be addicted.
Replay Value-10-100+ hour game.
Reason's for greatness- It taps into human nature. You just want all the best stuff and to become the most powerful character.
How it could of ranked higher- This would of broke the top 10 if it had more levels. A deeper combo system would of been nice too.
12.Saturn Bomberman (Sega Saturn)
Graphics-8.2-Really nice,just nothing special or flashy
Sound-7-Good sound and music, nothing memorable.
Originality-10-Theres nothing else like it. In a class of its own.
Gameplay-9.7-Perfect, just some random cheapness with the animal distribution.
Funfactor-9.6-Great fun- There are just a few games that I rather play with friends over this one.
Replay Value-9.6-Still pretty fresh after 3 years.
Reason's for greatness-See worms.
How it could of ranked higher- I ranked worms 1 spot ahead because Worms had more variety. If they added about 5 more levels then this would of edged out worms. You just see the same level over and over again.
Rating 9.11
11.Worms World Party (Dreamcast)
Graphics-8.3-Nothing Special but all well done.
Sound-7.9-Great Voices, o.k music.
Originality-10-In a class of its own.
Gameplay-9.4-Very good, just some "unfairness" in placement of worms.
Funfactor-9.6-One of the best games to play with friends.
Replay Value-9.5-Will last you a year of nonstop playing.
Reason's for greatness-Originality is not very important to me, You can always perfect a genre and make great games that way. This game is an exeption to my rule. Its just so different and polished, just one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games ever.
How it could of ranked higher- There are some cheap moments in 4 player mode. Some times your guys are place at unfair locations. The should of expanded the levels just a little bit more.

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