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My Favorite games of all time rated.


Games 50-41
My Top 10
Systems Rated, The bottom.
The middle systems
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
Awards, The Negative awards
Positive Awards

I need to rebuy a PSone just for Quake 2. 


30.Quake 2(Playstation)
Graphics-9-Cool Characters
Sound-10-One of the best soundtracks of all time
Originality-4-FPS with a story and death match mode.
Gameplay-8-well done
Fun Factor-9.4-ery fun till the end
Replay Value-I played this game a lot
Reason's for greatness-A very enjoyable 1 player game. Cool weapons, cool enemies and great music(One of the top 3 best sound tracks of all time). It even had a death match mode.
How it could of ranked higher- I know its probably limitations but some of the death match levels were too small
29.Chaotix(Sega 32X)
Graphics-9.2- Best looking 2D Sonic type game
Sound-9.1-Almost as good as Nights
Originality-Good ideas
Gameplay-9-The Bungie system is handy
Fun Factor-9-Very little platforming
Replay Value-8-Happy to have this game in my collection
Reasons for greatness- A very nice game without all the hassle of most platformers.  There arent really that many annoying parts in the entire game.
How it could of ranked higher- Even though its 25 levels its still pretty easy to pass. More levels please.
Rating 8.9

28.Mars Matrix (Sega Dreamcast)
Graphics-9.1-One of the nicest shooters around
Sound-9-All memorable
Originality-9-Just a shooter but done differently with store.
Gameplay-8.9-Good ideas but unfair at times .
Funfactor-9-Fun game and addicting
Replay Value-8.1- You will neve get sick of this game. You just wont play it 24/7
Reason's for greatness- Probably the most polish shooter of all time
How it could of ranked higher- Shooting games are all about skill. All the skill in the world wont save you from some moments in this game.
27.Virtua Fighter 3 (Dreamcast)
Graphics-9.1-Brutal throws
Sound-Great sound effects.
Originality-Pioneered this genre.
Gameplay-9.2-Hard to master
Fun Factor-9-Great 3D fighter
Replay Value-8.5-Too many other fighting games ranked above this one.
Reasons for greatness- I like cool throws and this game has some of the coolest throw moves ever. A very good fighter overall.
How it could of ranked higher-Maybe if they just turned VF into a wrestling game we would finally have a great wrestling game on the market. Raw 2 and Smack down are decent and Fire Pro is very good but neither is great.
26.Contra Hardcorps (Sega Genesis)
Graphics-9.3-One of the nicest genesis games around
Originality-9-4 playable characters,multiple paths.
Gameplay-9.2-Slide helps, still way too hard of a game.
Fun Factor-8.7-Hardest Contra Game around
Replay Value-8.3-Worth a bunch of tries
Reason' s for greatness- Its everything that made Contra on NES great but with better graphics and more gimmicks.
How it could of ranked higher- I like challenging games but this is too much.
25.Splinter Cell (XBOX)
Graphics-9.8- The nicest game around
Sound-9.5-Great acting and music.
Originality-10-Does stealth better then any game.
Gameplay-9-Would of been perfect but shooting some one in the head should kill them right away,
Funfactor-9.1-The shoooting in the ehad flaw really hurts the score
Replay Value-6-Great game once you get into it. I really dont like the head shot flaw.
Reasons for greatness- The only game out there that really feels stealthy. A great main character with some funny lines. PRobably the best graphics so far in video games.
How it could of ranked higher-If there is 1 game I wanted in the top 10 it's this one. This is one of few new franchises that I really enjoyed. Problem is when you shoot someone in the head it doesnt kill them like it should(75% of the time). If its normal for a person to function 100% fine after getting shot in the head then give me proof. If you can prove it I'll send this too the top 10 where it belongs. That 1 flaw costs this game a 9.3 ranking and a spot in the top 10. The shooting in the head problem got me caught so many times.
24.Castlevania Bloodlines (Sega Genesis)
Graphics-8.7-Very good with some neat tricks
Sound-9.3-Great music,crappy sound effects
Originality-7-Playing with 2 different characters was a good idea.
Gameplay-9.2-Just needs more moves
Funfactor-9.1-Really fun, just too short.
Replay Value-8.7-I still play this game a lot even though its not the best Castlevania game.
Reasons for greatness-This is a no-nonsense all action Castlevania game with 2 different characters,great music and cool enemies.
How it could of ranked higher-Castlevania games usually have more then 10 levels, so why does this one only have 5?
23.Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance (XBOX)
Graphics-9.2-Great looking characters and some cool fatalities.
Sound-9-Typical great MK music.
Originality-8-3 fighting stances and a krypt mode.
Gameplay-9-My favorite 3D fighter, some combos are too hard too pull off though.
Fun Factor-9-The best 3D fighter around
Replay-9-Great fun and a great 1 player mode
Reason's for greatness- After MK2 the formula was getting kind of old, this game changed it but still felt like MK. 3 different stances was also a nice tough. I personally think its the best 3D fighter around.
How it could of ranked higher- Some of the long combos that are combined with the trigger are too hard too pull off so you get stuck in konquest. They removed some of the better characters like Kabal and Baraka. MK6 might fix that and go up higher in my list.
22.Super Conta (NES)
Graphics-9-Top of the food chain as far as NES games go.
Sound-10-Great stuff
Originality-9.5 as good as the original.
Gameplay-9-Sometimes you could of sworn you werent hit
Fun Factor-9.1-Always fun to go through this one.
Replay Value-7.8-You will play this once a year until you die.
Reason's for greatness-Even though this is ranked lower I actually like this better then the original Contra.
How it could of ranked higher-It was shorter so it got knocked down enough to be below the original.
21.Panzer Dragoon Orta (XBOX)
Graphics-9.6-Probaly second to Splinter Cell in nicest game of all time
Sound-8-No complaints here.
Originality-8-Not original but nice to have a rail shooter this day in age.
Gameplay-9-Sometimes you feel too limited in where you can fly.
Funfactor-9.1-Very addicting once you get the hang of it
Replay value-9.3-Lots too unlock, I like trying to get better grades.
Reason's for greatness-Easily one of the top 5 in terms of graphics, This game has some depth since you can change forms and in typical Sega fasion its one of the flasier games around. Sega once again grades our skills with this one.
How it could of ranked higher- It takes too long to save up for the super shot and the last boss is too hard. Fix those problems and this game would be even better.

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