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My Favorite games of all time rated.
Games 50-41


Games 50-41
My Top 10
Systems Rated, The bottom.
The middle systems
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
Awards, The Negative awards
Positive Awards

I'm glad Tetris made it


Graphics-6-It works
Sound-6-Some ok songs.
Originality-10-Still the best puzzle game aroubd
Fun Factor-9-Only Reason why Gameboy (original) was good
Replay Value-10-Never gets old
Reason's for greatness-The best puzzle game of all time and any mistake is your own and not the games fault.
How it could of ranked higher-Save the scores or grade you.
49.Mega Man X4 (Sega Saturn)
Graphics-9-Top of the line 2D
Sound-8- Always good
Originality-2-Megaman has a lot of games.
Gameplay-9.1-Platforming is easier
Funfactor-8.9-I still hate platforming
Replay Value-8-Fun a few times around
Reasons for greatness-Everything thats good about Megaman, but nicer. Platforming is much easier and thats great.
How it could of ranked higher-Nothing they can do really, theres like 30 Mega Man games, just combine them all.
Rating 8.52
48.Giga Wing 2 (Dreamast)
Graphics-9-Best super moves in any shooter.
Originality-9-Tried all sorts of different things
Gameplay-8.3 Not as tight as some shooters.
FunFactor-8.8-Developers got lazy near the end.
Replay Value-8-You will beat this 15 minute game many times.
Reasons for greatness- It has some Mars Matrix elements and has some super crazy super moves like Marvel VS Capcom 2.
How it could of ranked higher- If the developers didnt get lazy at the end this could of been better then Mars Matrix.
47.Galactic Attack (Sega Saturn)
Graphics-8-Nice but nothing spectacular
Sound-7-Good gun fire sounds, Music is o.k.
Originality-8-The locking laser system is cool.
Gameplay-9.5- No real complaints here. I would like to have a super shot of some kind.
Funfactor-8.9-Fun Stuff.
Replay Value-8-I think most shooters will get an 8. Once a month type material.
Reason's for greatness- A very polished shooter with a cool laser system.
How it could of ranked higher- This game has no flash at all.
Rating 8.54
46.Theme Park (Sega Saturn)
Graphics-8-It works well
Sound-7-Funny at times
Originality-10-Stands alone on consoles
Gameplay-8-Takes awhile to get started
Funfactor-9-Takes a whole to stop
Replay Value-10-You will play this a lot
Reasons for greatness- Just a fun game that kills a lot of time.
How it could of ranked higher- Some of the worse A.I ever. Stupid kids getting stuck and ruining your park.
Rating 8.54
45.Baseball Allstars 2 (Neo Geo CD)
Graphics-9-A nice and entertaining game too look at.
Sound-6-Nice but nothing stands out
Originality-9-Nicely done and cool stills
Gameplay-9-Simple and fun, I dont even like Baseball.
Funfactor-8.8-Fun enough to play through 9 innings.
Replay Value-8.8- Will get a lot of play time
Reasons for greatness-The NBA Jam of Baseball games.
How it could of ranked higher-Have more over the top antics like NBA JAM.
44.Ghouls N Ghosts (Genesis)
Originality-9-Early Side Scroller.
Gameplay-8.5-Spot on but tough.
Fun Factor-8.5-Charge moves rule
Replay Value-8-You always want to do better.
Reasons for greatness- A great challenge and just a cool game overall. Most side scrollers should be as polished as this game.
How it could of ranked higher- At least let us get hit twice before we lose the gold armor, I want to enjoy those charge moves more.
Rating 8.59
43.Twisted Metal 2 (playstation)
Graphics-6-Just passable
Sound-10-Up there with Halo
Originality-10-Best endings of all time
Gameplay-8.5-Sucky Balance
Funfactor-9.1-Too bad its 2 players only.
Replay Value-9.5-Got my moneys worth with this game.
Reasons for greatness- See Worms and Bomberman. Along with Quake 2 and Halo this has the best sound track around. Some really cool specials too.
How it could of ranked higher-This game is pretty ugly and it is unbalanced.
42.Life Force (NES)
Graphics-9-It Actually has detail
Sound-9-Great Boss music
Originality-10-Early Shooter
Gameplay-8-Dont get to enjoy your weapons for long
Fun Factor-8.8-Just a great game
Replay Value-8-Good game to have in your collection
Reason's for greatness-This is like Contra with a tiny ship.
How it could of ranked higher-You realyl dont get to have any good weapons for most of the game and that sucks.
41.Resident Evil (Playstation)
Graphics-9.2- Along with Nights this is the nicest 3D of the Era.
Sound-10-At the time this used sound better then anygame. My favorite voice acting performance ever.
Originality-10-The first real scary video game. A unique way to use 3rd person.
Gameplay-6.7-Akward and limited control. Too much loading, Stupid items box.
Funfactor-8.9-Fun game, even though controls arent the best.
ReplayValue-9-Lots of endings and still great fun to this day.
Reason's for greatness-First scary game and the funniest acting of all time. Some good action too.
How it could of ranked higher-This game has too many stupid flaws like the item box and only being able to hold up to 8 things, 6 if your Chris. Not enough zombies to shoot either.

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