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My Favorite games of all time rated.
Positive Awards


Games 50-41
My Top 10
Systems Rated, The bottom.
The middle systems
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
Awards, The Negative awards
Positive Awards

The winners are


Biggest Overachiever Award.
Alteared Beast (Sega Genesis)
Graphics-9.7-At the time the nicest game I have ever seen.
Sound-9-Memorable music and the game talked.
Originality-10-Promote steroids and turn into a Wolf
Gameplay-5-Forced side scrolling and crappy controls.
Fun Factor-8.5-At the time it was so Dynamic that I didnt care about the controls.
ReplayValue-9-Very Sentimental.
This game is probably rated a lot higher then it should be, but I have good memories thinking about this game. Still pretty lame though.
Runners up
2.League Bowling (Neo Geo CD)
Just an awesome "engine" to make Bowling in video game form fun.
3.Blade 2(XBOX)
I had low hopes for this one. Ended up being a very enjoyable beat em up. Has the whole "movies make bad games" thing going against it
Best Game you never played
Samurai Showdown 2(Neo Geo CD)
Graphics-9.6-One of the nicest 2D fighters ever.
Sound-8.3-Better then the first.
Originality-9.9-Like the first only better.
Gameplay-9.4-A lot more moves but Tam Tam is gone.
Funfactor-9.3-better then the first but Tam Tam is gone.
Replay Value-9.2-Awesome game and an Awesome second effort.
Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD are and were very expensive. This game should be as recognizable as any fighting game around but many people never hear of it.
Runners up
2.Steel Battalion (XBOX)
Probably the only game in history worth $200 since it is a lot too own. A very good game, If you dont have the money dont stress I personally dont think its the best game ever, If you have the money it's worth it because its so different.
3.Beyond Good and Evil (Playstation 2)
A game that just got lost in the shuffle. A very good adventure game thats already in the bargain bin section.
Most Underrated
Worms World Party (Dreamcast)
Graphics-8.3-Nothing Special but all well done.
Sound-7.9-Great Voices, o.k music.
Originality-10-In a class of its own.
Gameplay-9.4-Very good, just some "unfairness" in placement of worms.
Funfactor-9.6-One of the best games to play with friends.
Replay Value-9.5-Will last you a year of nonstop playing.
I don't recall seeing this game being rated in the 9's on any magazine or website. Its personally my 11th favorite game of all time. Just a good game and I'm actually surprised that it is 11.
Runners up-
2.Shenmue (Dreamcast)
This is my second favorite game of all time. This is G4's second worst game of all time. Its probably one of the most niche games of all time but I think Sega succeded in their vision.
Rating 9.48
3.Halo (XBOX)
My personal favorite game of all time is also the #3 most underrated game of all time. I know it gets a lot of praise from the press but I have never seen a game generate more hate on message boards and anti XBOX websites.
Most Unique
Saturn Bomberman (Sega Saturn)
Graphics-8.2-Really nice,just nothing special or flashy
Sound-7-Good sound and music, nothing memorable.
Originality-10-Theres nothing else like it. In a class of its own.
Gameplay-9.7-Perfect, just some random cheapness with the animal distribution.
Funfactor-9.6-Great fun- There are just a few games that I rather play with friends over this one.
Replay Value-9.6-Still pretty fresh after 3 years.
Nothing else like,it and it rules.
Rating 9.11
Runners up
2.Super Mario Kart (SNES)
I dont like Nintendo Characters but like Bomberman this created its own genre, unlike bomberman it does have imitators but none are as good. 
3.Dance Dance Revolution (Playstation)
I think its a horrible game but It is the 3rd most unique game of all time.
Best Controller of all time
XBOX-Best FPS and 3D action games controller around, good for fighting games too.
Runner up
Sega Saturn-Best Controller for fighting games
Neo Geo CD-Just a notch under Saturn.

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