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My Favorite games of all time rated.
Awards, The Negative awards


Games 50-41
My Top 10
Systems Rated, The bottom.
The middle systems
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
Awards, The Negative awards
Positive Awards

The Losers are


The Worst Game of all time
Cyber Morph (Atari Jaguar)
Graphics-3-It uses 5 colors but at least its 3D.
Sound-2-It's clear but there are only 10 sounds in the whole game
Originality-9-At least its original
Funfactor-1-At least it turns off.
Replay value-Good thing it isnt stuck in your Jaguar because you will never play it again.
This was a pack in game. Thats just plain sad.
Runners up-
2.Metriod Prime (Gamecube)
Its nice and all bit this is not how to make a First PersonISH game.
3.Alter Echo (XBOX)
Its a well done game,problem is its really boring
Most Overrated
Grand Theft Auto Vice City (Playstation 2)
Sound-8-Good acting and 80's music is cool.
Originality-9.5-More games should have this freedom.
Gameplay-4-Really Shallow and The control doesn't cut it for times you really need to shoot a lot of people
Funfactor-2-Fun for 30 minutes.
Replay Value-1-Sold it right away.
This is a game I was really looking forward too. It's nothing at all what I thoughit would be. There really not much to do and older beat em ups have more moves then this game. I was just expecting something really over the top.
I think dedicated driving missions type games like Crazy Taxi 3 and Wreckless are better. Dedicated beat em ups like Dynasty Warriors 4 are also more enjoyble.
Runners up
2.Metal Gear 2 (PlayStation 2)
Metal Gear was a fun game with horrible graphics. This one looked a lot better when I first saw screens. Its pretty shocking how lame this game actually turned out. The good point is that the story is so lame its entertaining. I'm glad its more watching then playing because Its actually fun just watching this game. More drama then a soap. Some disturbing news about Otocon and his step mommy though. That was uncalled for. Snake didn't have to do that in the locker. Kind of made him look like a joke.
Rating 5.02
3.Prince of Persia Sands of Time(XBOX)
After getting 9's and 10's from most magazines I gave this one a chance. Too much platforming and thats just not enjoyable for me these days.
Worst Controller of all time
Nintendo 64
Most of the games reqiured the analog so my hands felt too crammed together.
Runners up
Atari Jaguar Controller-Worst D-Pad ever.
NES Controller-Made for infants.
Under Achievers
Simpsons Hit and Run (XBOX)
Just a GTA Rip off, too limited, they could of done so much more. actually playing episodes (like Bart stealing Bone Storm) would of rocked.
Runners up
2.Metal Head (Sega 32X)
Sega did a really good job with 3D with Metal Slug. Things actually kind of looked like Mechs instead of blocks out together (Star Fox) like most early 3D games. Too Bad you lose your map if you get hit too much and Missions were unclear. This game was a few steps away from being something really good.
3.Sonic Adventure 2(Dreamcast)
The search missions just kill this game.

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