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My Favorite games of all time rated.
Systems Rated, The bottom.


Games 50-41
My Top 10
Systems Rated, The bottom.
The middle systems
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
Awards, The Negative awards
Positive Awards

Personally these aren't my favorite systems but they all have a reedeming quality or 2


16th Place-Nintendo 64,Pretty much a Rare and Nintendo dominated system.
I dont like Nintendo characters, I did not like Golden Eye at all and I think the graphics are blurry. If you dont enjoy Nintendo and Rare games then stay away, this didnt have good 3rd party support at all.
The Good
A blast for Nintendo,Pokemon and Rare fans.
The Bad
Nothing for everyone else.
15th Place-Atari Jaguar,Hopefully AVP can jack up the score a little.
As of Right now I have AVP coming in the Mail so until I get that game it appears this system has no bright spot. Stick too a Genesis or SNES.
Tempest is o.k but this system is fun if you enjoy horrible games like you do horrible movies. I enjoyed Kasumi Ninja's "horribleness"
The Good
As of right now nothing. Lets see if AVP is the savior.
The Bad
Its home of the worst game of all time,Cyber Morph.
99% of the games were worst then 16-Bit games.
14th Place-Sega CD, Only 1 really big bright spot. Popful Mail.
This is a horrible system with 1 exception, Game #38 (Popful Mail is really awesome and I think every Side Scrolling fan should play it. Other then that this has nothing but Genesis ports with FMV.
The Good
Popful Mail, RPG fans might like Lunar.
The Bad
Nothing but Genesis Ports
13th Place-Nintendo Gamecube, If your not interested in Nintendo characters then skip this system.
I felt that Mario was past his prime after Super Mario World. I never liked Link so this system has no purpose for me. If you are a Nintendo faithful then this seems like a great system.
The Good
It has plenty of good 3rd party games. Nintendo fans will not be disapointed since most of the big franchises are here.
The Bad
This system has no use for non Nintendo fans. All the good 3rd party games are on XBOX and Ps2. A lot of 3rd party games are cancelled and did not make it on the Gamecube.
12th Place- Sega 32X , My first Chance to play DOOM
This was pretty much a waste of Sega's time but barely gets a 6 for DOOM and Chaotix.
Kolibri is so unque that its cool to have even thought its just an o.k game.
It also had a good port of Virtua Fighter. If your a Star Wars fan it has Starwars Arcade. 2 other good games are Black Thorne and Shadow Squadron.
Other then that this system is nothing more then a "could of been great"
The Good
Chaotix, some people can appreciate Kolibri,Black Thorne and Shadow Squadron.
The Bad
Even though it has DOOM, DOOM does have better versions on other systems, Virtua FIghter 2 was already out when VF came out on this. Only 39 games made for this, most aren't special.
11th Place Turbo Grafx-16, 2 of the best Platforming games are here.
This is the system that bridged the gap bewteen the NES and Genesis.
Its a nice system with sometimes better graphics then the Genesis and most of the time has better sound.
Bonk has more personality then Mario and more depth then Sonic so I enjoyed this mascot game more.
I didn't get to play Blazing Lazers and Splatterhouse too much so I might have to re-rate this system when I do. Who knows, Blazing Lazers could be a top 50 game.
Overall there are less then 10 games that interest me.
10th Place 3DO, Home of game #5
This system is not very good but it does have my #5 favorite game of all time, The Need for Speed.
Return Fire and Gex was on 3DO first and If you don't like Emulating and dont want to buy a Neo Geo this system has a great Version of Samurai Showdown.
It may bot have a lot of good stuff but it does have a few great games that brings its score up higher then it should be.
The good
For a failing system is did have 300+ games so there should be a few that interests you. The Need for Speed did come out on PSone and Saturn but Samurai Showdown did not and besides the Neo Geo, the only great version of that game is on 3DO.
The Bad
Lots of horrible games like Mad Dog Mcree.
9th-Place Super Nintendo, The home of Nintendo's best game
This system had some of the best graphics around but I didnt enjoy it too much. Like Sony's systems it had a lot of great RPG's but its a genre I could do without. I am also not a big fan of Nintendo franchises. That being said I did enjoy Super Mario Kart (Nintendo's best game I think), Street Fighter 2, Super Castlevania 4, Dracula ,R-type (not the same as Saturn's),Nega Man X and Super Off Road.
The Good
Some of the best 2D graphics around, lots of fun games. Final Fantasy 3 seems like a legend.
The Bad
I'm not an RPG fan or a Mario/Zelda fan.

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