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My Favorite games of all time rated.


Games 50-41
My Top 10
Systems Rated, The bottom.
The middle systems
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
Awards, The Negative awards
Positive Awards

I wish I owned the X-Men Arcade game.


40.Double Dragon 2 (NES)
Graphics-9-Great looking game
Sound-9.5-Best sound effects on Nintendo, great music.
Originality-9-Started this Genre with the original
Gameplay-SOme moves randomly come out
Fun Factor-8.9-The best Nintendo Beat em up around
Replay-8.9-Always fun to play.

Reason's for greatness- A lot better then Turtles 2,Great music, cool enemies,great depth for 2 buttons and great sound effects.

How it could of ranked higher- Some of the better moves were random. No randomness please.

Rating 8.69

39.NBA Live 97(Playstation)
Graphics-8.8-Way Better then the Genesis
Sound-Almost like T.V.
Originality-1-Its Basketball and EA makes 1 every year.
Gameplay-9.2-Very Good
Fun Factor-9.1-Fun till the end
Replay Value-9.4-I played the whole season.

Reason for greatness- I enjoyed the Genesis Basket Ball games and this one was a good step up.

How it could of been ranked higher- Better graphics.

Rating 8.69

38.Popful Mail (Sega CD)
Graphics-9-Very Nice
Originality-10-More games should be like this
Gameplay-9-Just annoying not having good stuff right away
Fun Factor-8.7-Fun
Replay Value-7-You will want to finish it but might not play it again after.

Reason's for greatness- Kind of like Dracula X lite.

How it could of ranked higher-Give us a decent weapon from the start.


Graphics-9.5-So many refrences.
Sound-9-So many refrences
Originality-A simpsons Beat em up
Fun Factor-9.2-Almost everyone watches the Simpsons
Replay Value-7.9-X-Men is the better game.

Reasons for greatness-Simpsons rule,this game has a ton of refrences and its fun.

How it could of ranked higher-More moves please.


36.Mega Man 2(NES)
Graphics-9.1-Best Nintendo graphics at the time
Sound-9.1-Great Music
Origiality-9.9-NOt too many Megaman games on the market yet.
Gameplay-8.2-too much lame platforming.
Fun Factor-8.7-Platforming kills.
Replay Value-8.9-Best Mega Man game around

Reason's for greatness-It looked great and it was the first game longer then 1 hour that I enjoyed. Cool weapon steal system too.

How it could of ranked higher-Give Mega Man some smaller shoe's because he can't jump and the platforming in this game is annoying.

Rating 8.77

35.NBA JAM:TE (Sega 32X)
Graphics-9.3-Just like The arcade
Sound-8-Just like the arcade
originality-10-Just like the Arcade
Gameplay-8-Lack of D
Fun Factor-9-Lack of D
Replay-9.2-takes a while to get old.

Reason's for greatness- An awesome Basket Ball game that every one can play. Over the topness was great.

How it could of ranked higher-More D.

Rating 8.79
34.Super Mario Kart (SNES)
Graphics-8.5-Very well done.
Sound-8-Memorable Music
Originality-10-First of its kind
Gameplay-8.5-Good balance but unfair roulette machine at times.
Funfactor-9-Best Nintendo game of all time. Battle mode just got frustrating when the other player gets all the good stuff and you get crap.
Replay Value-9.5-Lots to do.

Reasons for greatness-See Worms and Bomberman.

How it could of ranked higher- A good portion of this games greatness is the 1 player mode. Why not give us the full screen when we play 1 player mode?


Graphics-9.7-Its the Arcades what do you expect?
Originality-6-Beat em up with the X-Men
Gameplay-8-Only a few moves but Mutant Powers rule
Fun Factor-9.4-Fun as long as you have quarters
Replay Value-8-If I can choose 1 arcade to own I would choose this.

Reason's for greatness- Just a wel l done beat em up with tons of great comic book characters

How it could of ranked higher-Not could of, it will be ranked higher (or maybe lower?) when I actually own the arcade some day. Oh yeah this game would of been better if you can play as Non-X-Men characters too.



32.DOOM (Sega 32X)
Graphics-9.0-At the time it was the coolest thing I have ever seen. (I never licked the blockiness though,I learned that its called pixelated).
Sound-10-First suspensful game that I have ever played.
Originality-10-My first FPS.
Gameplay-8-Controls well but too many search fpr keys missions.
Funfactor-9.1-Fun game but the searching and getting lost was really annoying.
Replay Value-8-Always fun to play every so often. Just hard to take seriously because I hate getting lost in games.

Reason's for greatness-Cool enemies and a cool world. This game started the "shotgun's are cool in game's" revolution I think. Besides that without DOOM there would be no Quake 2 or Halo.

How it could of rated higher-Focus more on action and less on key searching. Plenty of action but also plenty of searching.


31.Samurai Showdown (Neo Geo CD)
Graphics-9-On par with SSF2T
Sound-8-Some memorable music
Originality-10-Stood out from the crowd.
Gameplay-9-A nice first effort.
Funfactor-9-Still a little limited.
Replay Value-8.5-Not elite yet.

Reason's for greatness-Stood out from the crowd when every one wanted to be Street Fighter. Just a great fighting game with cool characters and moves.

How it could of been ranked higher-No problem here because Samurai Showdown 2 exists.

Rating 8.86

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